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Illinois & Amtrak

Illinois is at the center of Amtrak’s national passenger rail system. Of the 38 national Amtrak trains, 11 Amtrak routes traverse Illinois, creating a hub for travelers and an opportunity for Illinois to provide quality service that affects nationwide travel. Amtrak provides Illinois passengers with Midwest daily service to Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin. 

Amtrak Routes

Illinois State Supported Amtrak routes:

  • Lincoln Service (Chicago-Springfield-St. Louis)
  • Illini and Saluki Service (Chicago-Champaign-Carbondale)
  • Carl Sandburg and Illinois Zephyr (Chicago-Galesburg-Quincy)
  • Hiawatha (Chicago to Milwaukee)

Amtrak Long-Distance Routes with Stops in Illinois:

  • California Zephyr (Chicago-Galesburg-Emeryville, California)
  • City of New Orleans (Chicago-Champaign-New Orleans)
  • Empire Builder (Chicago-St. Paul/Minneapolis-Seattle, Washington/Portland, Oregon)
  • Southwest Chief (Chicago-Kansas City-Los Angeles)
  • Texas Eagle (Chicago-St. Louis-San Antonio)

Amtrak Long-Distance Routes that terminate in Chicago:

  • Capitol Limited (Chicago-Cleveland-Washington, D.C.)
  • Cardinal (Chicago-Cincinnati-New York)
  • Lake Shore Limited (Chicago-Cleveland-New York)

Amtrak Corridor Services that terminate in Chicago:

  • Blue Water (Chicago-Port Huron, Michigan)
  • Hoosier State (Chicago-Indianapolis)
  • Pere Marquette (Chicago-Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • Wolverine (Chicago-Detroit/Pontiac)

Click here for details on all 36 stations in Illinois, including amenities and multi-modal options to complement travel.

Future Investment

The recent growth in rail passenger travel in Illinois is a strong indicator of the importance of train travel in maintaining a balanced transportation system and demonstrates the need for more investment in passenger rail.

Ridership Statistics

View Amtrak Station Ridership in and near Illinois by Month:

Chicago to St. Louis - Lincoln Service

Chicago to Quincy - Illinois Zephyr/Carl Sandburg Service

Chicago to Carbondale - Saluki Service

Chicago to Milwaukee - Hiawatha Service

Regional Benefits

Improving overall performance for state rail, as well as Amtrak, will benefit the entire region.